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We provide the best solar panel installations in the Houston, TX area. Kill your utility bill, and become an owner of your energy today.

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We Provide Superior Solar Services

Solar Installations

Helping you own your energy with the best residential and commercial solar installations in the Houston area.

Generator Installations

Automatically protecting your home from power outages with the best generator installations in the Houston area.

Solar Financing

Providing $0 down-payment solar financing to ensure your become an owner of your energy without risking your hard-earned money.

Main Panel Upgrades

Eliminating problems with flickering lights and burnt-out appliances with the best main panel upgrades in the Houston area.

EV Charging

Eliminating problems with flickering lights and burnt-out appliances with the best main panel upgrades in the Houston area.



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Limitless Electric was founded to become the best

solar company in the Houston, TX area.

That status is achieved by providing high-quality installations

that leave our customers more than satisfied.

We treat your project like it's our baby, which means your project gets the best care and attention it needs to perform exceptionally well once we've done our job.

Best Solar Company in the Houston, TX Area

Decades of Experience

Decades of Experience

Happy Clients

Happy Clients

Numerous Projects Completed

Numerous Projects Completed

World Class Workers

World Class Workers

Certifications and Licenses

TDLR Certfication
REC Certified
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97 Percent of Americans Overestimate the Cost of Solar

97 Percent of Americans Overestimate the Cost of Solar

Thinking about going solar? You might be surprised at how affordable it is! A recent study found that 97% of Americans overestimate the cost of installing solar panels on their homes. In reality, the upfront cost can be as low as $0 thanks to financing options and falling solar panel prices. Plus, you'll start saving money on your electricity bills right away.

Owning Your Own Power Has Never Been More Affordable

Solar power is booming! The dream of energy independence is now within reach for more Americans than ever. Thanks to falling costs and innovative financing options, owning your own rooftop power station is becoming increasingly accessible and budget-friendly. Ditch the monthly grid bills and harness the sun's free energy - your wallet and the planet will thank you!

Solar Panel

How Can You Pay For Solar Panels In Houston

Local Lending Partners

The most common is a $0 down financing through our local lending partners

Cash Purchase

Cash Purchase comes with a decently sized discount

Lease or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Lease your panels

Each one has its own benefits and depends on your individual circumstances


What Clients Say About Us


Dolores Arriola

We have had the best experience dealing with Limitless Electric in regards to our Solar purchase and installation. We personally want to thank our representative Naeem Smith who made this experience great! He communicated with us every step of the way! Very professional. The process and installation was quick. Installation crew did a wonderful job! Thank you all.

5 star

John Campbell

I recently had a rooftop solar system installed by Limitless Electric and the service they provided was top notch! I was very surprised by how quickly the equipment arrived and the full installation took them only one day. Everyone from the coordinator to the crew was very courteous and professional. Follow up was continuous and I was updated throughout every step of the process. I am more than satisfied with the system that was installed and have already seen a huge improvement in our power bill. I would highly recommend Limitless Electric to anyone considering a solar system installation or other electrical service.

5 star

Nikko P.

Worked with Thomas Valentin at Limitless Electric to get a competitively priced system installed. Everyone at limitless I spoke with from Tom, the surveyor, the scheduler, and the installers have been professional and friendly. I'll recommend Thomas and Limitless anytime I have family or friends looking to go solar.

5 star

Bryan Shell

I was looking into solar energy installations as a way to reduce the very high cost on electric bills and I chose, Limitless Electric for the price per energy that I was gonna get. Their people were very professional and courteous and Diego, the person managing the project kept me informed of what was going on. It was a good experience working with Limitless, especially, Diego! He was a great help and met my concerns for a cheaper electricity bill. We’re definitely saving money now!

5 star

Eric R.

I worked with Tom. He was extremely knowledgeable and helped me get the exact coverage that my family needed. He was honest and didn't try to sell me. He answered all of our questions with patience and gave us several options to meet our needs. I highly recommend that you use Tom and limitless electric for your solar needs. You won't be disappointed.

5 star

Office: 21631 Rhodes Rd bldg D 410, Spring TX 77388

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