Solar System Installers Near Me Houston

Solar System Installers Near Me Houston

February 21, 20243 min read

How to determine which solar company in Houston is best for me

There are a few things you need to look into when searching for the 'best' solar company to work with.  

1.  Do they have reviews?  and when we say some reviews, we mean are they over the 100 review mark?  This will show you that this company has worked with A LOT of people and people are willing to say great things about them.  If you see a company with less than 20.  You may be dealing with a rep, a brand new company, or someone that isn't as trustworthy in the space.  

2.  Do they make you feel like you are in control?  Salesmen of all types can be viewed as 'slimey' but this is just a reaction everyone has when they are being solar to in a high pressure way.  A good salesmen lets the quality of their work speak for them.  A trusted solar professional will not only have a portfolio of great builds they have have done, but also make you feel at ease.  You should be able to ask questions freely without feeling ashamed.  

3.  Do they have a website? and a social presence?  A good company will have a good website.  If something looks weird or sketchy, it probably is and you shouldn't be so quick to trust that person.  

Cost of solar panels in Houston

Costs are always going to vary.  We know that not having the information up front is not the most ideal thing for you as the customer.  But let's tell you why we can't just do that.  

1.  We need to look at your roof to make sure it's viable.  Not all roofs can support solar. 

2.  We need to make sure there are no obstructions. This can cause blockage to the panels and they wont work at 100% efficiency.  

3. Your power bill.  We wont sell you solar if it wont help you.  The best way to know if we can do anything is to take a look at your power bill and see if it makes sense for you to install solar on your roof.  

4.  Which financing we go with.  We pride ourselves with always trying to find new and better financing companies for the locals of Texas.  One size doesn't fit all and we are always looking for the next best company to work with. 

Installation factors to keep in mind


Your first consultation call should be easy and straight forward.  How much are you paying for solar, does solar make sense for you, set up a time for one of our professionals to come out and inspect your roof.  


This is pretty straight forward.  We take a look at your roof, the direction of the sun, and your average power usage.  With this we can design a system that will not hard your roof and give you the right amount of power! 


Now that we've signed on the dotted line and we're ready to save money!  We just need to get our professional installers to your home.  This whole installation process can take up to 3 months.  But that is not typical. 

Then ... you are ready to start saving money! 

If you're ready to talk to a solar professional contact us today!  

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