Solar Power Installers Near Me Houston

Solar Power Installers Near Me Houston

February 12, 20243 min read

Choosing a solar installation company is serious business, and as confusing as it may seem.  We are here to help you make the right decision.

So what are some things you should look out for when choosing a solar provider? 

1.  You should look for a local company. 

Local companies will know what kind of deals you can get and know the lay of the land.  

2. A company should come with lots of reviews.  

You should be able to google the company and see if they have reviews.  Remember if you see a 5 star company but only 5 reviews ... that could tell you that they are a new company or maybe they just started getting reviews.  It's best to contact local companies that have LOTS of reviews, the more the better.  Let other people help you decide if you should even make the call. 

3. A local solar company should answer all of your questions.  

A good local company, it doesnt have to be solar.  Should always be willing to take your phone call and answer any and all questions.  This is their job, they should be here to provide you information first and you should never feel like you are in a high pressure situation. 

4.  Don't trust people if they tell you an exact price. 

Real solar installers have no idea how much money you're spending on your bill, how large your roof is, can you even install solar on your roof?  Does it even make sense for you and your family?  Taking a general price of a solar installation is fine, but if someone tells you a hard price.  They could be under selling how much solar you need. 

5. Don't fall for high pressure sales techniques.  

Have you ever felt like when you were talking to a used cars salesmen that he had the upper hand in the conversation?  and you had no idea why?  That is the tall tell sign of someone trying to 'pressure' you into buying something you probably shouldn't.  Solar should be easy to understand.  You're paying X to the electric company and you're paying Y for your solar panels.  The decision to go solar should be easy for you to make.  Don't fall for these guys who try and pressure you into buying something you may not need or in buying the wrong thing.  

So who is the best solar installer in the Houston area?  

While there is no 'solar installation competition' to find a winner, we proudly stand by our 120+ 5 star reviews on Google, we are one of the highest ranking solar installation companies in Texas and soon to be the highest rated.  

What are some things that make us the best solar installers in the Houston area? 

Turn around time

We pride ourselves with having some of the fastest installation times in Texas. 


Take a look for yourself.  We have over 120 5-star reviews of happy customers.  Imagine how many happy customers haven't left us one? 


We don't work with just ONE finance company.  Because one size doesn't fit all.  We work with many local companies, putting in the work to find you the best rates. 


Have you ever heard of 'free solar'?  This is a myth spread by young solar sales reps who are just trying to get the sale.  Everyone here has been selling solar for a long time.  We know all of the federal and state regulations.  We will tell you if solar isn't for you.  and we are here for you.  We want to work with you and your home.  Other companies want you to sign on the dotted line and get the sale.  We want to keep getting good homes solar panels installed to help produce clean green energy for future generations.  

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