Cost Of Fitting Solar Panels In Houston

Cost Of Fitting Solar Panels In Houston, TX

February 02, 20243 min read

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The first thing you need to know is that no website can just 'know' how much you're going to be charged when it comes to solar panels.  Because a solar professional needs to see your home, your roof, and your electric bill.  Armed with this information they can give you an actual estimate.  

While there's an initial investment involved in solar panels, remember the long-term benefits! Your electricity bills will significantly decrease once your system is up and running.

Average national cost of solar panels

Again there's an initial investment involved in solar panels, but that is going to include the panels, the installation, the warranty, and the erasure of your electric bill. 

Local, State, and Federal grants and incentives can also help drive the cost of solar down.  

How much are solar panels in Houston, Texas?

Data shows that installing solar panels in Texas is a worthwhile investment, especially considering the available state and federal incentives.

What are the additional costs to install solar panels?

The cost of your panels and equipment is by far the largest expense you'll pay during your solar installation. There are many solar panel options available, and the manufacturer, installer and type of panels you choose will affect the final cost of your system.

There are three common types of solar panels: thin-film, monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Beyond those options, each solar panel manufacturer offers a selection of products with different wattages, durability and technologies that affect energy production and overall cost.

Your solar installer will walk you through choosing the right kind of panel for your home. However, it doesn't hurt to research the best solar panel brands and manufacturers on your own.

How can I pay for solar panels?

You can either pay cash or finance the panels, sometimes with little to no cost out of pocket!  

How long does it take to install solar panels?

The average install time from signing the paperwork to getting fresh clean energy to your home is about 60 days.  There are other factors that can lead to longer times, but a local solar professional can go over those with you. 

Solar installation process

There are 7 main facts that go into getting solar installed on your home. 

1. Site survey 

2. Design and Design review

3. Permitting 

4. Installation 

5. City Inspection 

6. Utility Connection 

7. and finally power to your home! 

How long do solar panels last in Texas?

The industry standard for solar panels and their peak efficiency is 25-30 years before you need to think about getting new panels or replacing some. 

H3 What states are the best for solar?

States that have a high daily sun rate!  Which luckily all of Texas does! The more sun you can get on your roof the more saving you can get! 

Texas State Solar Incentives

These are always changing and you should talk to a local solar professional to know what kind of incentives there are for you and in your area. 

How Long Does It Take to Break Even With Solar?

The average break even point for solar is 6 to 10 years BUT this comes down to a lot of  factors like. 

- Length of loan 

- Down payment 

- Amount of sun 

- and more!

Again!  Please talk with a solar professional to know exact information on your home. 

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